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I’m digging how simple this is

I’m digging how simple this is

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5 Things I need to do to improve my results in 2013

1. Go to bed early/wake up early. Why? Because there’s a different level of focus that I have at the early hours of the day. No rushing, no worries, no noise; just me, my God, and my plans for the day. 

2. DO THE RIGHT THING. Seems simple enough however I’m guilty of opting out of doing right for convenience. But the Bible is clear, doing right effects being right. No more regrets. 

3. EAT THE RIGHT THING. Yes, Its time for my diet to get a complete overhaul. I’m going to lean towards a leaner and more raw food diet. It’s easier to right it than to actually do something about. ME LOVE ME SOME COOK FOOD *In my Jamaican accent*

4. Learn to schedule my time a little better. I know its elementary for some of you guys but as a natural Sanguine I fail at any regiments. It seemed soo unnatural however, I’ve witnessed the benefits. 

5. More daily devotions. Though its at the bottom of the list it is the most important one. Sometimes I find my mind drifting. An unstable mind is incapable of achieving greatness. I want to have a minimum of 3 devotions per day. Actually, this year I look forward to separating devotion and studying the Bible.